My first time with Macramé

I wanted to try Macramé technique for a couple of years. It's been this kind of craft, which you are watching on Pinterest and promising that tomorrow you will order all the necessary tools, but tomorrow you are coming up to the conclusion, oh actually I don't have too much time now.

But this time I told myself, there are no excuses. The little macramé on the wall was my dream, and just give it a try. So here it is, my little dream has finally come true. Dreamy Macramé Wall Hanging decorates the wall of my studio.

It is not perfect, but it's mine and now, when I am seeing many small (maybe not so small 🙈) mistakes, I know I'll make another one.

Here are some pictures to show you how I worked through the macramé process. I choose easy beginner-friendly macrame projects which I found on YouTube.

The initial diamonds come up quite incoherently, but each time it got better and better.

With each knot I began to see the logic of the threads, just like in the Bobbin Lace, there are some passive threads, some walking threads, etc. I simply translated the macramé into lace language (but please, don't think that I explain everything in my life this way :P)

I used Macramé Cotton Rope 3 mm and the wooden branch which I found in the forest.

Next time I found like to make the same pattern but in another colour. Any suggestions? 💛 I thought about something more vibrant like orange 🍊 or some pink shades?

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