Bobbin Lace Threads

If you ask me which threads should you use for your lacemaking project I will simply answear that any that you like and any type that won't break or stretch.

I am not an expert but I know that each type of lace is different. Depending on the pattern (technique) and purpose of the lace you should cover all the bases. I mean thickness, type and the like....

You often ask me what size and types of thread I am using for my lace jewellery, but I am enrirely lost with all these numbers. And I belive that nothing will show it better that samples with exaples. :)

So here it is!

My small cheat sheet :)

Each stripe is 1 cm long and I used 5 pairs/10 bobbins.

1. Rexana - I think it is the most often thread used by me. Works really well as a "walking" pair beceause it gives a bit of stiffness. Also it is my number one when project has many leaves.

2. Linen thread - I love the fact it is 100% natural and has some kind of irregular shape. It gives my laces a bit of structure.

3. White and Gray Linen - something for fans of tradition.

4. Silva Metallic 250m

5. Silva Metallic 150m

6. Iris polyester - this thread is very thin but has many beautiful colors, which is why I often wind it three times and mix with other. Below is an example of grey Iris and one pair Rexana silver.

I hope that will help you. But if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help!

with love,


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