Bobbin Lace Threads

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

If you ask me which threads should you use for your lacemaking project I will simply answear that any that you like and any type that won't easily break or stretch.

I am not an expert but I know that each type of lace is different. Depending on the pattern (technique) and purpose of the lace you should cover all the basics. I mean thickness, colour, structure and most importantly you should ask yourself a questions: what this lace will be used for? Whether it will lie flat on the table, or it will be framed and make up the wall of your home, or maybe it is going to be your new necklace. The threads must be carefully selected even before your start winding your bobbins, because I don't think anyone likes to waste time to rewinding them.

You often ask me what size and types of thread I am using for my lace jewellery, but I am enrirely lost with all these numbers. And I belive that nothing will show it better that samples with examples. :)


So here it is!

My small cheat sheet :)

Each stripe is 1 cm long and I used 5 pairs/10 bobbins.


1. Rexana - I think it is the most often thread used by me. Works really well as a "walking" pair beceause it gives a bit of stiffness. Also it is my number one when project has many leaves.


2. Linen thread - I love the fact that it is 100% natural and has some kind of irregular shape. It gives my laces a bit of structure.


3. Silva Metallic 250m


4. Silva Metallic 150m


5. Iris polyester - this thread is very thin but has many beautiful colors, which is why I often wind it three times and mix with other. Below is an example of grey Iris and one pair Rexana silver.


I hope that will help you. But if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help!

with love,


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